Gmail-Delete All Unread Emails

I had thousands of unread emails in my inbox but deleting this 20 at a time will be tedious and will take  forever.  I thought, what if I could delete all at a go, that will be great right ? But I did not know how, after searching Google for a while I found , eureka there is was:

  • Type ‘is:unread(without quotes) in the Gmail search box, and hit Enter or click on the search button
  • Click ‘select all‘, this will highlight all unread emails in the current view
  • Click ‘Select all conversations that match this search’ 
  • Now click delete and this should delete all unread emails

If you want to specify  unread emails say in inbox only, you can use ‘is:unread label:inbox‘, for another label simply replace the text after ‘label:’