Contact Tab

Contact tab enables you to add a contact form to WordPress which is accessed by clicking on a tab on the left, right, top or bottom of any page/post.


  • Includes five fields- name, email , subject, textbox for message, captcha code
  • Form slides out when tab is clicked and slides in after successful completion of form
  • Captcha to prevent spam (captcha is optional)
  • Ajax form submit (no webpage reload)
  • Appearance of Contact tab such as text color, background color etc can be customized to suit your theme/template
  • Email sent can be forwarded to an additional email address besides the admin email account (default)
  • Social networking Buttons-add links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus profiles/page to the form
  • Redirect after form submit
  • View and Reply to messages from Contact Tab right from within your WordPress Dashboard ( Pro Version)

and so much more……….. Below are screenshots

Want to see the plugin in action, take it for a spin, click on the “Contact Us” link to the left of this page

Compare Contact Tab Versions

With the Pro version, WordPress is basically turned into an email client where you can view and reply to messages sent through Contact Tab.
Below are more screenshots:
View Messages


Reply to Message:

Download free version at

Pro Version will soon be available on

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