WP Float

WP Float Update, 1.8
New Feautes

  • Display on Archive Pages
  • WP Float now loads in the footer instead of the header

WP Float Update, version 1.7

New Feautes

  • Option to use WP Float as a plugin under Settings >> WP Float Options instead of just a widget
  • Option to center item when using shortcode

WP Float Updated, version 1.3

New Features

  • WP Float is now a widget instead of just a plugin, this makes it easy for your to run more than one instance of WP Float on any page or post
  • Shortcode support has been added and this is easily added to a post using a tinyMCE button
  • You can now control the speed of the float item
  • Display WP Float on only posts from a particular category

When the plugin is installed , you will see a new icon is added to the WordPress tinyMCE editor,  you can click on that icon to add the shortcut for WP Float, below are screenshots ( first image- shortcode button, second image-shortcode popup )

The shortcode looks like this

  • type – whether the item is float or fixed
  • location – the top/bottom position of the item
  • align – the left/right position of the item
  • center-set alignment from center
  • offsetlocation – the distance (in pixels) from top/bottom, if left blank this is automatically set to 0
  • offsetalign – the distance(in pixels) from left/right, if left blank this is automatically get to 0
  • speed – how fast or slow the float item moves and does not apply to fixed items , the default speed is 1500 if left blank
  • width- the width of the item , you can leave this blank and this will be set automatically

You can manually type text or HTML between the [wp_float][/wp_float] tags or you can select text or HTML you already have for the post/page and this will automatically insert it into the shortcode.

The same options apply for the widget , below is a screenshot

Demo-As you scroll on this page, you will notice there is an image that follows as you scroll.

Download the lastest version of WP Float at

Scroll some more

and more

Update * – Check out jFloat for Joomla 1.5, 1.7 & 2.5

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